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Behavior Labeling Theory

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When labeling theorists say that â??society produces deviance,â? they are referring to:
(a) social conditions such as poverty
(b) the structural strain toward deviance
(c) the creation of deviance by rule-making
(d) the deviant subcultures into which people are born

The labeling perspective is most compatible with the view of society as:
(a) being in consensus concerning the prohibition of certain behaviors
(b) composed of competing interest groups
(c) a social system
(d) homogeneous

According to the labeling perspective, a crucial variable is defining deviance is:
(a) the nature of the rule
(b) the source of the rule
(c) the source of enforcement
(d) the response of the audience
(e) the structural variations in society

According to the labeling perspective, a person is labeled as deviant primarily as a
consequence of:
(a) her or his social characteristics
(b) the degree to which he or she violates a norm
(c) the type of norm which he or she violates
(d) b and c

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1. A - social strains - this is where people are influenced and engage in deviant activities because of the way society is structured (social ...

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