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Integrated Theories

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Hi, I need some assistance with the following task. I need to compose a summary about integrated theory and labeling theory. I am not too sure where to begin. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Hi, I hope this helps you to get started.
Step 1:
The integrative theory of crime refers to an integrative framework. The diversification of models requires an integration for creative plurality of knowledge based frameworks. Different integrative theories focus on punishment and crime control, criminal justice, and social control. The need for integrative theory arose as theories of crime and punishment become increasingly diverse. It was realized that a complex phenomenon such as crime and its punishment should not be researched using a single philosophical perspective, since one perspective is likely to ignore other factors. The result is that more criminologists are considering adopting an integrative and an interdisciplinary approach for research. It is expected that this approach will lead to creativeness in knowledge based frameworks.
Step 2:
Integration of crime and punishment theories requires connecting, linking, combining, and synthesizing the relations and fragments of other theories into formulations of crime and crime control that are more comprehensive than one-dimensional explanations. The developments of integrative theories have emerged mainly from psychology, sociology, and social psychology. The integration of crime theories is however slow because there are conflict among positivism, romanticism, objectivism and subjectivism. These ...

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