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Theoretical Electicism

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-How different are the personality theories, really?
-Might they all be integrated into one theoretical framework?
Or, did they seem to differ fundamentally perhaps because they differed in the aspects of personality that they were trying to explain?

Ps: Also, use attached article to support answers

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This solution examines the differences in personality theories.

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(1) How different are the personality theories, really?

Personality theories represent various systems for understanding human nature. Thus, in a sense they are all similar. However, personality theories suggest different approaches by which human nature is explained. For example, theoretical formulations on a view of human nature take approaches based oon: (a)overt behavior, (b)thoughts and analyses of thoughts, (c) dreams and fantasies, (d) family interactions, and (e) ways of thinking. For example, ways of thinking are focued on thoughts and perception explored through cognitive theories. Cognition is concerned with a wide range of mental processes including thoughts, perception, performance, intellectual ability and personality traits. Cognitive therapeutic intervention have been used in assessment to conceptualize behaviors that focus on exploring thoughts, schemas, problems feelings and behaviors (Archer, & McCarthy, 2005).
In additon, the approaches proposed focus on aspects of the personality that interact (e.g. ,stimulus-response, id/ego, or parent-child interactions. Therefore, each theory is focused on an implicit theory, how change occurs, and the description of conditions that are necessary to ...

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