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    Important Factors in Determining a Research Design

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    What factors are most important to you in determining a research design?

    Why do some researchers change their hypotheses after selecting a theoretical framework?

    What are the pros and cons of selecting an established model or framework versus creating or developing your own?

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    What factors are most important to you in determining a research design?
    The most important factor in determining the research design is the objective of the research. If the objective is to know more about a subject and find out information so as o form the research problem, an exploratory research If the objective is to find out precise information about the variables that are known a descriptive research is carried out and if the objective is to establish a cause and effect relationship between the independent and dependent variables, there is a need for an experimental research.
    Apart from this other factors like the purpose of research is important in forming a design. For example, if the purpose is to contribute to the knowledge of marketing then the design may include gathering of information on a large scale. However, if the purpose is simply to know the preferences of customers towards some grocery products, then a local study may be sufficient.
    Convenience and budget for the research also determines the design. Accessibility to respondents, the approach to respondents in different ...

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