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    Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

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    Can you describe inclusion and exclusion criteria of a research study? Any example would do.

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    1. Can you describe inclusion and exclusion criteria of a research study for me? Any example would do. I just want to understand this better.

    Definition: Inclusion and exclusion criteria are the medical or social standards determining whether a person may or may not be allowed to enter a clinical trial. The factors that allow someone to participate in a clinical trial are called "inclusion criteria" and those that disallow someone from participating are called "exclusion criteria". These criteria, for example, are based on such factors as:
    • Age,
    • Gender,
    • The type and stage of a disease,
    • Previous treatment history, and
    • Other medical conditions.

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    By discussion and example, this solution describes inclusion and exclusion criteria of a research study. It helps to understand the two concepts, as well as understand how the two concepts fit into the overall research design. A research study example is also provided.