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    Gender and Race Discrimination

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    1. Racial Discrimination
    Acts 6:1-7 - "What racial tensions existed in the early church? How are they resolved? Is a quota system used here to pacify the Grecian Jews? Is this a form of affirmative action?"

    2. Gender Discrimination
    Genesis 1:27 - "What are the implications of this passage in terms of gender relations?"

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    Racial Discrimination:
    i) Acts 6:1-7: Racial tensions existed in the early church- between the Hebrew Jews and the Grecian Jews
    ii) This racial tension was resolved by inclusion. Inclusion was successful method of conflict resolution because the reason for the conflict was exclusion and separation. The Hebraic Jews were excluding the Grecian Jews from food distribution and hold positions in the church. This exclusion had the purpose of elevating Hebrew Jews over the Greek Jews and thus separating the two races into separate groups, creating an us-and them atmosphere. Inclusion is a helpful method ...

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    This solution provides an explanation of the Genesis passage of creation of man and woman and an exploration of racial discrimination in Acts.