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Paper Advise: Gender Inequality & Race Relations

I need to write a paper using the three theories: conflict theory, functionalism and interactionist theory and explain how I would begin to improve gender inequality and race relations in the United States. Explain which of the theories would be most useful in doing this and also which theory most useful to the people in power in maintaining the status quo. I have started paper but need some help with some more ideas to complete.

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Of the three, I would base the paper more on the structural aspects of functionalism. The reality is that both issues of gender and race are based in the institutions of society that are part of the structure. The functional perspective is more about the framework that creates structures we see in societies. In the case of gender, this structure has changed some, but not as much as it could. The structure supports some change in racial integration through laws, but the elitism that controls the power is slower to change. Using elitism as another part of the structure or ...

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The solution provides insight and advise in putting together a paper using the sociological perspectives in putting together a paper on gender inequality and race relations.