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    Probability Quiz

    Some questions on probability


    A bag contains 3 black and 2 red balls. One by one 3 balls are drawn from the bag without replacement. The probability that the third ball is red, is


    Seven chits are numbered 1 to 7. Four chits are drawn one by one with replacements. The probability that the least number on any selected chit is 5, is


    A box contains 100 tickets numbered 1 to 100. Two tickets are chosen at random. It is given that the maximum number on them is not more than 10, the minimum is 5 with probability


    Three numbers are selected from the set {1,2,3…10} . The probability that all the selected numbers are consecutive or no two of them are consecutive is equal to.


    When a missile is fired from a ship, the probability that it is intercepted is 1/3. The probability that the missile hits the target, given that it is not intercepted is 3/4. If three missiles are fired independently from the ship the probability that