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    Advocacy is when an individual or group tries to influence public-policy and resource allocation decisions. Advocacy will involves many activities, which include, media campaigns, public speaking, commissioning and publishing research. Lobbying is another form of Advocacy; the person or group is supporting and trying to recommend a specific belief.

    Advocacy groups support several issues around the world. The Advocacy Institute looks to gain backing in their initiatives through the capacity of political, social and economic justice in order to influence and change public policy.  Globalization has allowed advocacy to go beyond countries’ borders. This is called transnational advocacy. Transnational advocacy networks look at issues where external influence is necessary in order to ease the communication between internal groups.

    An advocate is a person in several legal systems. An advocacy evaluation evaluates the progress of the advocate.  Advocacy tries to influence a program or policy either directly or indirectly. In advocacy evaluation, the influence is what is being evaluated rather than the results of that influence.  In order to evaluate the advocacy, the evaluator must understand the goals of the program. The goals are called the advocacy efforts.

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    Trial Advocacy

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    Trial advocacy is the concerned with making attorneys more effective in trial proceedings.

    Appellate Advocacy

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    Appellate advocacy is the legal representation by an attorney before any court of intermediate or final appeal.

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