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    Trial Advocacy

    Trial advocacy is the study that looks at making attorneys and other advocates more effective in trial proceedings. It is an essential skill for litigators. It has evolved through the apprenticeship and practice of attorneys. Trial advocacy can be learned through mock trials in law school.

    Mock trials are used to act or imitate a trial. Attorneys can prepare for a real trial by having volunteers role play test theories or experiments with each other. These mock trials can also assist in settlement negotiations.

    There are several topics that are used in trail advocacy. These topics can include jury selection, opening statements, direct examination, cross examination, closing arguments, and persuasion. The basic of trial strategy is to organize a case into a clear, complete presentation. Cases must be organized in order to maximize the impact of the arguments. There are several strategies used in order to do so. These are as followed: maneuver strategy, gestalt psychology, game theory and Line of effort. 

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