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    Violence is a form of aggression which can be physical, verbal or psychological. Violent actions are intentional and include both threats and actual acts. Nevertheless, no matter what type of violence is conducted, the end result is always that it causes harm.

    Violence doesn’t just affect one individual. Violence can take many different forms and affect both small and large groups of individuals. For example, community violence, domestic/family violence and street violence are all different types of violence and they are all areas which are usually dealt with under the social work umbrella.  

    Another aspect of violence is that it can also be self-directed, meaning that individuals can harm themselves. For example, this could be through abusing alcohol or drugs, having an eating disorder or through suicidal actions. Individuals who are inflicting violence upon themselves must be recognized early in order to receive the care they need to change these behaviours and have better mental health. Without help this type of behaviour can lead to fatal consequences.

    Violence is an issue which can harm anybody, no matter what age, race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation. However, another aspect of violence is that it is preventable. Social work advocates and organizations work towards eliminating violence and assisting individuals who are victims of violent acts. Hopefully, the continued efforts of social workers will lead to a safer world. 

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    Community Violence

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    Community violence is a type of interpersonal violence which involves the actions of a person or group of people who are not directly related to the victim(s).

    Domestic/Family Violence

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    Domestic/Family violence is a type of violence which occurs within the home unit and can be inflicted upon either one or all members of a family.

    Street Violence

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    Street violence is carried out in public places and is often related to gang violence.

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    Flexibility in Seeking Solutions

    Explain how to stop invidious comparison. Identify strategies you currently use to avoid vicarious traumatization in your personal life. Will those strategies help you avoid vicarious traumatization as a human services worker? What strategies could you develop to avoid vicarious traumatization?

    Crisis Intervention

    After experiencing a crisis with a client, please explore your actions within the intervention. Consider these questions: What is the difference between suicidal/homicidal ideas and a "real threat"? Once you realized that your client/consumer was in danger what were your primary concerns? What were secondary? At what point

    Elder Abuse

    If I am a health professional and I suspect a patient or client of being a victim of Elder Abuse, what are some questions that I can ask my patient/client to help me identify abuse?

    Identify Incidence of conflict and/or violence in premarital relationships

    1. Define the problem- of why there are incidences of conflict and/or violence in premarital relationship. 2. Identify potential causes of the violence in premarital relationships 3.Document people who have experienced this kind of problem-Responses of each member of the couple. 4. Initiate a method of therapeutic intervent

    This solution provides an overview of a Safety Plan that can be developed by individuals who are at risk of being abused. Some of the items included in the template are more specific to older adults at risk of abuse, but most of the items are applicable for all ages.

    Are you or someone you know at risk of being abused? Or worse still, the victim of ongoing and recurring abuse? There is a way that you can help yourself or loved one without being a policeman, lawyer or social worker. Make a Safety Plan! Follow the guidelines contained in this solution to make a safety plan for yourself or help