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    Street Violence

    Street violence is carried out in public places and is often related to gang violence. In comparison to community violence, street violence doesn’t impact all members of a community or neighbourhood. Even though it may be apparent within a community that street violence exists, it is unlikely for many members of the community to be exposed to these violent acts.

    Street violence can take on a variety of forms which extend beyond gang fights. Street violence can include sexual assault, robberies, stabbings, homicides (both attempted and threatened) and discriminatory violence. Street violence can result in serious damage to properties, fatalities and serious injuries which may leave individuals with permanent damage or a disability.

    Furthermore, street violence is also considered to be a critical public health issue which is polluting cities, particularly the youth age group. As street violence can cause early deaths in young individuals, permanent body damage and permanent disabilities, it is associated with dangerous and serious health problems. Additionally, emotional, social and economic consequences are also faced by the victims of street violence, especially those dealing with repeated acts. 

    Street violence is an ongoing social issue taking place within the public realms of cities and towns. However, it is a problem which can be reduced. Increasing the number of services available from counsellors and social workers, such as conflict-resolution programs, may assist adolescents in avoiding violence-related confrontations. Additionally, increased enforcement of policies regarding weapons and violent acts may assist in minimizing the amount of crime which takes place on the streets. 

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