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    Property Law

    Property law is the law which deals with ownership and real and personal property. The definition of property is what property laws are based on. Property is the term which looks at objects or goods owned by a person and the relationship to the person who has it. Property rights are the rights over specific objects or goods which are legally enforceable against other people.

    Property law was made through historical legal cases and the technical terminology which has been used. The concept of personal possession was developed from the legal system with the principal concern of avoiding civil disorder. The general principle is that a person in possession of goods is entitled to take action against anyone interfering with the possession, unless the person interfering is able to demonstrate a greater right to the good.

    Leases are the regulations which the tenant and landlord must legally abide by. Leases serve many purposes. The law of landlord and tenant acts falls under the law of contract and the law of property. Each state or province has its own Tenants Act. The tenants and landlord must follow or else legal action can be taken.

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    Utah AG Gag Law

    AG GAG LAWS: The Utah Legislature approved a bill in 2012 that makes it a class B misdemeanor to trespass on private livestock or poultry operations and record sound or images without the owner's permission. It also prohibits seeking employment with the intent of making those recordings. Leaving a recording device for that purpo