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    Stress Management

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    This book describes how to identify the different types of stressors that might impact you, helps you decide which ones truly are affecting you, as well as assist you in realizing how you react to the different stressors, among other topics. For example, once you have identified your personal stressors, it is beneficial to understand how to cope with those exact issues. You can also expect to learn some useful tips for achieving a greater sense of control over your life, with respect to the stress that influences it.

    This book is ideal for almost anyone that deals with stress ? and that is pretty much all of us. Whether you experience stress yourself or maybe even if you have co-workers that you would like to help, there is information here for everyone. Hopefully, this will help you analyze how stress might hurt you and how you can help alleviate some of the problems.

    An Introduction to Stress Management

    While we all have some version of stress in our lives, some of us are better at dealing with it than others. If you are in a management or Human Resources role at work, you might also find the information here useful for handling stress-related issues at work. Avey and Luthans (2009, 677) also relayed the details of a report that found that 20% of payroll of a typical company goes toward dealing with stress-related problems.

    Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who knows how to recognize that something is stressing you out but do you know how to deal with it properly? Even if you are not affected by stress directly, you might be in a position at work that feels the indirect affect that stress has on an organization. Avey and Luthans (2009, 679) shared that besides the obvious impact on health care, workplace stress is a key human resource management issue because of the apparent connections among perceived stress and employee performance

    Ask yourself: what stresses me out? Or, how about: what impact does my particular stress (or stressors) have on me? If you are at a loss for either or both of those questions, then you have some work to do. When life seems to be overwhelming, everything can feel out of control.

    This book will take a look at:

    Several examples of stress and how to rate your own
    Different reactions to stress
    Various ways to cope with stress
    Options for reducing your stress

    Stress management is not just about mitigating it: you have to know what is hurting you in the first place. Stress is universal and of relevance to all, a more thorough understanding of stress management techniques is essential for preventing stress related disease and enhancing health overall (Varvogli and Darviri 2011, 80).