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    case manager's functions

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    The purpose of this job is to assess how a case manager functions in the "real world." This job talks about functions, populations, special needs, case manger training, and other related topics.

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    Based on the subject of your assignment, I have compiled the attached bibliographyof resources and included abstracts of each article:


    Effective Interventions for Child Abuse and Neglect: An Evidence-Based Approach to Planning and Evaluating Interventions. Geraldine Macdonald John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 2001, 333 pp. Barry Luckock. Child & Family Social Work 2002 7:1 68.

    Domestic violence and child abuse: developing social work practice. Stanley, Nick. Child and Family Social Work. Vol 2 August 1997 p135.
    This paper takes as its starting point the report produced by the Social Services Inspectorate (1995), entitled Domestic Violence and Social Care, which seeks to alert social workers to the links between domestic violence and child abuse and urges the profession to respond more effectively to these two interconnected forms of violence. Having examined the research findings which provide evidence for these links, the theoretical and service delivery contexts in which these two forms of violence have been studied and conceptualized by the social work profession, both in the United Kingdom and in the United States, are identified. Studies of the social work response to domestic violence are discussed and some of the difficulties experienced by social workers in responding effectively to the needs of families where both forms of violence are experienced are considered. In particular, the issues of 'invisible' men and 'trapped' women and children are explored. It is argued that effective social work intervention which challenges these stereotypes will require additional resources and the article concludes with a consideration of whether the Messages from Research report might herald a shift in the approach to child protection that would promote the allocation of resources to this area of work.

    Child sexual abuse: a case study in community collaboration. Faller KC, Henry J. Child Abuse Negl. 2000 Sep;24(9):1215-25.
    University of Michigan School of Social Work, Ann Arbor 48109-1106, USA.

    OBJECTIVE: This is an exploratory study that describes the process and outcomes of a Midwestern US community's approach to case manage ment of child sexual abuse. METHOD: Data were abstracted from 323 criminal court files. Specific information gathered included child and suspect demographic data, law enforcement and CPS involvement, child disclosure patterns ...

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    This job offers examples of a case manager's various functions.