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    Executive Information: Impact on Executive Decision Making

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    300 words Based on the information presented in the article, discuss the following:
    The tools executive managers use when making major decisions
    The relationship between the tools the executive managers' use and the managers' tasks
    The reasons for using the support tools

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    One of the essential traits of an effective leader is the ability to decide on the most important things that affect the company and the business. Most executives use various tools that help them acquire the most reliable information that help them in the decision making process. While managers use oral and written sources of information to aid their intuition to come up with the best decision, computer-based information sources have become very useful in the present situation.
    The executive information systems (EIS) are among these computer-based information programs ...

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    * The executive information system (EIS) explained; its uses/purposes and how its tools can help in an executive manager's problem solving/decision making process.
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