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Perspectives of Human Resources Management

The case study:
Describe and discuss the operator, manager, executive, and political perspectives on human resources management.

The Operator is typically charged with performing tasks within a certain HR arena, such as recruitment. The Manager often has supervisory responsibilities, overseeing the works of others. At the Executive level, this individual often manages an entire HR division. The interactions of these three levels of positions may have a "political" perspective of how each individual views the other; as a worker and/or as a leader.

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The Operator position typically has the perspective of performing certain human resources management (HRM) roles. For example, this position may facilitate recruitment and hiring, benefits administration, personnel management (performance reviews, employee complaints and investigations or disciplinary actions). At the Operator level, there likely are not supervisory responsibilities; this person reports to a Manager. The perspective on most positions at this level of the ...

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This solution is about 300 words, and describes the perspectives on human resource management (HRM) from the operator, manager, executive and political viewpoints. The solution explains a typical role of the operator, manager and executive level positions with HRM; while also explaining how politics come into play.