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    Various Human Resource Organizations

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    Find a minimum of 5 sources that do not yet appear in the Webliography, with a primary focus on human resources or human resource management. These could be professional associations, resources for managers, sample forms and policies, or summaries of legal determinations. Upload each source with a brief annotation of its usefulness and primary purpose. Then, write a one-paragraph annotation for each source to be submitted to your instructor. Be sure to cite your sources using correct APA format for Web sites.

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    I'm not sure what sources are listed in the "Webliography", so I will try to use as many as possible in my response to minimize using the ones that you have listed there.

    1. Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) - SHRM is a nationally recognized association for human resources professionals that contain a wide variety of documents, forms, sample policies, procedures and electronic connection to elected representatives allowing members to vote on proposed regulations, changes to current laws, etc.

    2. International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-CP) - This Nationally recognized organization is very similar to SHRM, however this organization's focus is the public and international sectors of the Human Resources Management field. They conduct trainings and have available sample documents and information; however, they do not offer a communication method with elected ...

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