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The Changing Face of Human Resource Management

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Hi, I need to write about the implications for human resource management according to the changing nature of work and organizations, but I am not too sure how to begin this. Could you provide me with some assistance to get started on this?

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The solution shows the importance of human resource management to survive in this ever changing world. The discussion reiterates that human resource management must continually evolve to be relevant to the needs of the time.

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To survive in this ever changing world and the way things are being done, human resource management must continually evolve to be relevant to the needs of the time. Chiavenato (2001) said that the world of human resource management is changing more rapidly than we can imagine. Constant environmental changes mean that human resource managers face constant challenges. They must respond by taking advantage of gradual yet profound changes in the nature of the field, current practices, and overall human resource management policies, mission and vision. He said that human resource management must undergo metamorphosis from the outdated belief to modern schools of thought. Among the various items suggested by Chiavenato (2001), four (4) things have attracted HR attention:

a.) From Restricted Markets to Globalization. New business order calls for capturing as large a market as possible. Instead of focusing on local markets, HR must focus on global market. It is implied here that HRM initiatives must be reoriented towards workforce that has international markets as their focal point.

b.) From Stability to Change. Structurally static organizations must give way towards ...

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