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    Assume that you are a consulting firm and Riordan Manufacturing has hired you. It realizes that potentially a large group of baby boomers could retire soon. You have been hired to prepare a comprehensive Human Resources Strategic Plan for this company that will sustain the human capital and enable the organization to:
    a. Meet its ongoing goals
    b. Support the organization's goal to attract key technical and leadership human capital for long-term competitive advantage

    What are some initial perspectives on the following topics: Workforce assessment, including diversity, recruitment, and retention.

    I need to write about 450 to 500 words on the initial perspectives of workforce assessment, diversity, recruitment and retention.

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    // Before writing such a paper, we must understand what a 'Human Resources Strategic Plan' is. Human resource plan helps to align organization's goals with its human capital needs. It is important to explain the importance of such a plan. To begin with, we must introduce the topic like this://

    Human Resources Strategic Plan

    Human Resource Strategic Planning's objective is to align the strategy of the organization with its resources. This plan supports the objectives of the other functions of the organization. It is very important for the organization to realize the importance of the human capital. Riordan manufacturing is a leading name in the plastics manufacturing industry. The company has realized that soon the company would face problem of shortage of employees, as a large group of baby boomers is about to retire (Byars & Rue, 2007). The Company needs a strategic human resource plan to sustain its human capital and enable the organization to meet its ongoing goals and help the organization to attract technical and leadership human capital, in order to gain a long-term competitive edge.

    // After giving a brief introduction, we would now explain the perspective on workforce ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 755 words with references.