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    Identify HRM Technologies

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    Describe which, if any, HRM technologies your organization uses. The organization uses HR Portals and Talent recruiting software.

    Answer the following questions:

    What were the rationale(s) for choosing these HRM technologies?
    When were these HRM technologies implemented?
    How do or have these HRM technologies integrate with business-oriented technologies?
    Does your company have plans to purchase HRM technologies; what HRM technologies do you suggest?

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    Being a software development and distribution organization, my company uses HRM technology in order to run the Human Resource and other related departments smoothly and efficiently. HRM technology, like HRIS (Human Resource Information System), not only make the work procedure of the HR department hassle-free and cost effective, but also less time consuming and easy to maintain.

    What were the rationale(s) for choosing these HRM technologies?

    The rationales for choosing HRM technology is given below:

    - HRM technology like HRIS, helps to alleviate administrative and operational efficiency which eventually reduces cost and time.

    - It helps to provide more analytical decision support; by means of which top management as well as managers of departments in organizations can make decisions based on a greater degree of information.

    - It helps to provide information to managers and HR so they can manage knowledge and manage talent.

    - It assists to provide information to enable HR plans and activities to align more effectively with the organization's strategic plan.

    - It assists managers with decision making by providing relevant data so they can make more effective and informed decisions.

    When were these HRM technologies implemented?

    The HRM technology was implemented when the organization felt that it was the proper time to move from the manual work process to the computerized work process. This transformation was essential for HRM to ...