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HRM-r Technology Strategy

-How would you implement, manage, and measure an organization-wide HRM-r technology strategy?
-What resources would you require, what outcomes would you expect, and what concrete results would you expect?
-If you were an external HRM-r technology consultant, what advice would you give your organization's CEO concerning the benefits of implementing and using HRM-r technologies?

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I would implement an organization wide human resource management technology strategy in a step-by-step incremental fashion, by first and foremost providing the human resource director with information pertaining to the planned technology implementation. I would ensure that the human resources director or leadership would be provided with training in the new technology that is to be implemented, and I would direct this individual to train his or her staff in the utilization of the new technology and human resource methodologies that would be implemented. I would then implement this technology into the human resource organizational paradigm by ...