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    Answer to student's question about: Human Resource Management

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    1. Evaluate technology utilization and strategic HRM.
    2. Discuss two ways in which HRM can be integrated into organizational operations.
    3. Discuss two metrics that can be used to evaluating a company's existing and needed skill sets.
    4. Find an article and share one best practice in human capital development - with citation.

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    //Before describing about the Evaluation of technology utilization and Strategic HRM, it is essential to know about the role of Human Resource Management (HRM) and Strategic HRM. One should know about the basic concept of 'Human Resource Management' for the analysis of technology utilization and strategic HRM. //

    Evaluate technology utilization and strategic HRM

    HRM plays strategic role in an organization. Strategic Human Resource Management is the optimum utilization of human resources to accomplish the desired set of goals and objectives in the business environment. It is organizational utilization of employees to derive competitive advantage against competitors. Strategic HRM helps in evaluating the technology utilization of an organization. Management needs to develop new strategies for teaching advanced skills to the employees. With this, management can organize diverse skills and integrate diverse information technology of employees for getting competitive advantage (Schuler, 1992).

    Strategic HRM provides the management with the direction in which the organization is going on in achieving its mission and objectives. Technology utilization refers to the adoption of technology changes by an organization in efficient manner. For an organization, proper utilization of technology is the way to increase productivity and raise competitiveness. Now, we will understand this concept by taking the example of automobile companies (Tyson & York, 2000).

    Firstly, we are considering the example of Volvo Group. The key business strategy of the group is that the group is customer centric. The group considers the knowledge and skills of the employees as an essential segment in achieving organization's mission and vision. The training and development strategy includes the programs for internal training and competence development to help them in achieving organization's goals. Now, we will consider the Daimler Chrysler Group. The company is mainly concentrating on innovations and technology that is customer centric and promotes its workforce to work in challenging environment so as to pursue its long term objectives. The training and development program ascertains long term competitiveness by covering both technical and non-technical aspects.

    On comparison, we conclude that Volvo Group mainly concentrates on customer satisfaction with quality products while Daimler Chrysler Group concentrates on innovation and technology. It is clear that both the groups are focusing on managing human resource strategically with effective utilization of technology. A company should follow the strategy, which will maximize its profitability through new technology and self managed work teams. For proper utilization of technology, an organization has to manage its human resource strategically.

    //Above is the discussion of technology utilization and Strategic HRM. Moving to the next direction, explanation about the two ways in which HRM can be integrated into Organizational operations, is to be discussed//

    Human resource has a great significance in the hotel industry, as hotels are a part of the hospitality industry. The organization culture of maximum hotels is based on customers and its employees. As hotel industry has a direct dealing with the customers, it has to take utmost care of its human resources. There should be no chance of neglecting human resources as they are the key success factors for a hotel industry especially when it is an international firm, e.g. Taj ...

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