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    Talent Management Strategy

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    I need help answering the following questions. No copying and pasting from sites. No more than 500 words. Include references and text citations.

    Why was the workforce management initiative (WMI) needed?
    Why was it so important to establish a common language for talent, and what did it accomplish?
    How were the tangible returns from WMI actually measured?

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    Talent Management Strategy

    Introduction: IBM is not unlike any other multi-national corporation in their need to find solutions to their global human resource challenges. Large corporations like IBM must find ways to control their human resource issues from the process of obtaining raw materials for their manufacturing processes, to placing the finished product in the hands of the end-user. I think you are fortunate to have access to this report from IBM. It is particularly valuable because the HR processes described in this report have broad access across several industries.

    1. Why was the workforce management initiative (WMI) needed?
    The answer to this question is provided early in the report that you cited as part of this question. In the beginning paragraph of the Introduction to Case Study Part B, the authors states that IBM is facing a "global evolution" in the way they are going to have to conduct business in the 21st century in order have any hope of remaining competitive (Boudreau, ...

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    This response is designed to help the student analyze the principle of workforce management on a global basis. A case study about IBM's Global Talent Management Strategy provides the foundation for the student's exploration of global workforce management. The case study is an excellent example of how a multi-national corporation has decided to use its HR processes to aid in the company's quest to remain relevant in the global marketplace.