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    Human Resource Implementing Self-Service Portals

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    You work in Human Resources and believe implementing a self-service portal for HR administration would generate several efficiencies in work flow. Your manager is resistant to implementing the portal because of the administrative challenges and concerns such as the probability of security breaches, misuse of employee information by management, and the employees' perception that their privacy is being invaded. Formulate a policy, procedure, process, or control that would resolve each of these issues in order to change your manager's perception about the portal. Provide specific examples to support your response.

    Recommend a short-term talent management strategy to get past the economic downturn and keep employees motivated until the market improves for both a domestic and multinational enterprise. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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    Implementing a self service portal is beneficial for the company as well as managers to manage the work flow of the company and provide effective platform for employees to share their feelings and experiences with other employees of the organization. In order to implement an effective and efficient web portal, manager should include some policies and procedures that can be helpful to control over the illegal activities of the employees. In order to resolve the probability of security breaches, managers should develop the guidelines for all the employees regarding private sensitive information of employees and management team members. It can be helpful for the company to maintain information safe and secure in the organization (Silberschatz, Galvin & Gagne, 2006). Manager should also apply this policy and procedure to all organization campus in order to develop the understanding of employees about the electronic information.
    To resolve the misuse of employee information by management, managers should develop the policies that control over the management team members. In this, managers can provide the security for employee information and implement effective software that provide security for employee information. Manager can also create logion option on the portal and provide individual log in ID and password. It can be helpful for the managers to secure the information of employees in the organization and to reduce the misuse of ...

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