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Human Resource Development: The pros and cons of various technologies

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I need assistance with writing around 1000 words (2 pages APA style) on the following:

1. What are the pros and cons of various technolgies and software that Human Resource Development has to deal with?

2. What are the primary technology and softwares Human Resources Development chooses for ongoing education.

I need the paper to be an attached Word document that is in APA style. I have been getting points off for incorrect APA style formatting so please assist me with this by attaching it as a Word document. Please include two references for each. Thanks

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The pros and cons of various technologies for Human Resource Development are given. The primary technology and software Human Resources Development for ongoing education are given.

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Today, human resource departments rely on various forms of technology to manage the
different processes that occur within the organization. Talent acquisition, payroll, hiring, performance
evaluation, benefits management and workforce development and training are some of the most
common processes the HR department is responsible for. Computer applications are usually an
important aspect of human resource management, though other technologies, such as email, text
messaging, and formal communications systems are also frequently utilized. Organizations often
develop their own corporate intranets, to limit access and provide greater security of the various forms
of data that must be stored. However, the internet may be utilized for talent acquisition and for
communicating with various business partners.
Software applications used by human resource departments can be all-inclusive or separated
by function. An application like Tribe HR offers employee time management and recruitment functions.
While it does not offer payroll or benefit management capabilities, it can be integrated with automated
payroll applications (Software Advice, 2013). Sage HRMS and HRM Direct are full function applications.
Sage also provides functions for workforce learning. An all inclusive application only needs to be
installed once, in order for the organization to access full functionality. Implementation and utilization
of IT resources may be reduced by selecting an all in one package. However, for smaller organizations, ...

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