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    Counter Cyclical Hiring

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    What are the pros and cons of counter cyclical hiring and under what circumstance would you recommend using it to staff an organization

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    Countercyclical Hiring: Pros & Cons

    Countercyclical Hiring
    Countercyclical hiring can be explained as the hiring or staffing strategy that is followed by the companies in order to obtain bargains in its key managerial and professional positions by recruiting and hiring them during the economic downturns. This strategy is pursued at a limited extent. The hiring in economic downturns helps to develop a labor competitive advantage for the organization. This strategy is based on the rational that companies should invest in human resources before there is a requirement within the organization. The hiring process in economic downturn is also performed on the basis that the services of these highly skilled professional would be required in the future (Fisher, Schoenfeldt & Shaw, 2008). The countercyclical hiring also helps to backlog human resource for the future needs.
    Pros & Cons of Countercyclical Hiring
    The countercyclical hiring provides several ...

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    The pros and cons of counter cyclical hiring are determined. Under what circumstance would the expert recommend using it to staff an organization are given.