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    Economics: Cyclical Vs. Structural

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    Question: For each of the below statements, state whether the unemployment is structural or cyclical.
    a) Unemployment rises as output in the economy falls.
    b) The demand for workers to make typewriters falls as more consumers switch to computers.
    c) As the United States becomes a more high-tech producer, labor-intensive factories relocate to low-wage countries. Factory workers lose their jobs and the unemployment rate rises.
    d) As it becomes more acceptable for mothers to work, more women enter the labor market looking for work. The unemployment rate rises.
    e) Foreign economies slow and demand fewer U.S. exports. Unemployment rate rises.

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    Structural unemployment is basically where skills available in the labor market and the jobs available don't match. Cyclical unemployment is based on the fact ...

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    This solution explains if each of the items listed is a structural or cyclical unemployment scenario.