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HR planning, staffing, training, and development.

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At your company, you work on all HRM responsibilities, and have been asked to join a committee to present a report on management challenges. This report must include challenges, possible causes, and a plan for addressing them.

Select and Read one to two articles (any articles) on HRM challenges.

Based on information in the articles, write a report about these challenges.

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

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This paper will cover human resource management challenges of planning, staffing, training, and development. Human resource planning allows the organization to be effective, techniques to forecast human resource requirements solves many issues, and the legal compliance issues facing human resource departments get priority. There are many ways that human resource departments utilize and handle these issues. There are many regulations that they must follow to know the possible causes of the challenges and how to address them.

Human Resource Management Challenges

Human Resource Planning Making the Organization Effective

Human resource planning is the process by which management figures out how to move the organization forward from its current position to the desired future placement. Effective planning will result in the organizational management having the right number and right kinds of people doing things that result in the worker and the organization having maximum long-run benefits.

Establishing objectives and following through by developing and implementing programs such as staffing, appraising, training, and compensating - ensure that people with the right characteristics and skills are available when and where the organization needs them (Jackson & Schuler, 1990). A major objective of human resource planning is facilitating an organization's effectiveness. Human resource departments need to be able to analyze data that may need to guide all age groups for future years. Organizations need to know what direction they are headed. Demographic areas also have implications for managing human resources.

There are four phases of human resource planning:

a) Gathering and analyzing data to forecast expected human resource demand, given business plans for the future, and to forecast future human resource supply
b) Establishing human resource ...

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