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Human Resource Planning

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Five-page paper discusses the relationship between human resource planning activities and the organization's strategic development and implementation. Describe the eight elements of the staffing process. Examine the relationship between the eight elements of the staffing process and the four activities related to human resource planning. Explain the relationship between the four activities of human resource planning and the organization's strategic planning development and implementation.

In-text citations and references three scholarly sources

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--Discuss the relationship between human resource planning activities and the organization's strategic development and implementation.

In businesses, the main objective is having both human resource department and internal management departments to working in alignment for accomplishing the company's goals core initiative. The human resource planning activities reflect strategic positioning that supports the underlying organization's goals for accomplishing tasks accordingly, such as, the hiring of staff employees as well as training. Thus, the focus point is in relation towards building the foundation of support (work teams employees, talent acquisition stability, resources that entail training) for internal departments for business continuity. Managers offer profound insight into the direct needs their departments require for stability for fostering continuing business activities accordingly, such as;

a) The relationship between human resource planning activities and the organization strategic development and implementation entails "combining resources from training seminars or workshops to expedient new hires to fill new option positions." (The primary objective is working together (managers listing needed open positions filled to facilitating certain tasks required to producing the product / service output).

b) Redefining the skill sets for a particular open positions for successfully facilitating a ...

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The review into human resource planning in relation towards the business internal strategic implementation goals.

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