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    Aug 2012
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    • BA, American Intercontinental University, 2007
    • MBA, American Intercontinental University, 2012
    • PhD (IP), Grand Canyon University, 2015


    • Business
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    About Nichel Anderson

    Nichel Anderson obtained her MBA in Business Administration with concentration in Strategic Marketing and currently working on her Ph.D in Psychology within an Emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Nichel has worked for several fortune 500 companies ranging from Prudential Healthcare to Wachovia. Ms. Anderson led work teams for efficiency and team building events to achieving corporate productivity initiatives. She is a published author of "Corporate America: Surviving Your Journey Towards Success" which was featured in Essence Magazine 2006 Issue as the corporate climber guide. Nichel is an accomplished Director, Playwright, Reading Community Manager, a Harlem Renaissance Editor, and was an online Instructor for Suite101 University. She was the former publicist for Melvin L. Mitchell, professor and director of architecture at Morgan State University.

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    Strategic Management of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Corporation

    Please read the information below and the attached info and in a 4 to 5 pages report for the executives of HD corporation, please help me by answering the following questions:

    What strategy (or combination of strategies) did Harley Davidson use to become such a successful organization?

    To what READ MORE »

    Business / Business Management » 541770

    Discussing Analytical and Integrative Tools

    Scenario: You enter your meeting with Mike and Tiffany to hear them discussing the tools that they have found to conduct an analysis of the industry and competitors. "Mike, there are so many more tools than I even realized to give us some good data," Tiffany states.

    "I know," Mike says. "That's w READ MORE »

    Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / International Business Strategy / Globalization » 520336

    Internal Analysis and SWOT of Harley Davidson

    We will be looking inside of Harley Davidson in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses. It is important to consider how these factors will either help the company overcome the threats (or make it more vulnerable), or put it in a position where it can take advantage of opportunities (or will READ MORE »

    Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / Business and Industry Analysis / SWOT » 542781

    Toyota - Strategic Process Identification in designing the process business model to improving the quality measures along with productivity goals.

    Identify and describe several processes within Toyota that will benefit from improvement using the attached Toyota case study, Toyota: The Accelerator Crisis (2010) by Greto, Schotter, and Teagarden.

    Describe each process in terms of the following:
    - Importance to Toyota.
    - Scope: breadth of it READ MORE »

    Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / International Business Strategy / International Trade / The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) » 515945

    Project management: Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project

    Tony Prince is the project manager for the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project. Team members include you, a programmer/analyst and aspiring project manager; Patrick, a network specialist; Nancy, a business analyst; and Bonnie, another programmer/analyst. Other people are supporting the project READ MORE »

    Business / Human Resources Management » 550797
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