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    Internal Analysis and SWOT of Harley Davidson

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    We will be looking inside of Harley Davidson in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses. It is important to consider how these factors will either help the company overcome the threats (or make it more vulnerable), or put it in a position where it can take advantage of opportunities (or will have to let them pass by because they do not have the internal resources to act).

    To complete the assignment, please read the information in the background material, look for more information (from previous modules and library resources), and then write a 4 to 5 pages report answering the following questions:

    i) What are HD's top two or three strengths for moving forward in the competitive motorcycle manufacturing and sales environment?

    ii) Describe what you consider to be two or three of the weaknesses that are likely to have the greatest impact, and what HD is doing (or should be doing) to overcome these weaknesses?

    iii) Wrap up by overviewing the more salient points of your entire SWOT analysis (from your Mod 3 and 4 case assignment) and give your impressions in relation to whether you think the corporation will continue to be competitive and be able to continue to meet its mission.

    NOTE: Please note that your report/assignment will not be accepted without proper citations and references. You must use the sources from the background material together with the sources you find your own.


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    The Harley Davidson (HD) strategic approach within the targeted marketplace constantly changes over a period of time for adapting to the consumer preferences to the product line built on quality with restructuring strategies (Investor PR Newswire 2013). Based on customer's responses within the marketplace, the corporation objective is a mission for identifying deficiencies within the organization preventing in meeting the market demand. In most cases, the changing marketplace offers an opportunity for identifying the areas in needed to revamping to securing the consumer share marketplace, especially, in the motorcycle industry where product differential is imperative for success.

    i) What are HD's top two or three strengths for moving forward in the competitive motorcycle manufacturing and sales environment?

    Try and identify the positive strengths for HD that bring forth even more customers as well as sustaining their loyal followers yearly, such as, the brand identity for high value and quality. In designing the strengths assessment, the annual report outlines a clear vantage point to how the company successfully applies a strategic alliance with global resources for delivery the product to market (Investor HD.com 2012). The motorcycle industry competitiveness is intense to delivery one of a kind or the highest level of quality to the marketplace that HD has more so proven capable of such tasks. In observing the types of strength, the annually report reveals some main concepts outlining the basis that a major business must have in place for success (strengths):

    1. Brand identity strength that reinforces the built design of quality through 110 years of striving for connecting with targeted consumer base. Thus, the Harley Davidson exceptional craftsmanship for inspiring a strong concept of durability and sustainability. The successful sales initiatives are aggressive and delivered on a measure of consistency in global markets that furthers brand identity leading to brand equity. (The HD Company aspires successfully in providing consumers their desire of individuality and experience of liberation).

    2. Manufacturing system in a global market offers a more strategic placement to operating within different cultural and political environments for adapting to the marketplace changes.

    Aim in focusing on the main strengths that provides ...

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