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    Ecommerce, Ducati vs Harly-Davidson

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    Compare and contrast Ducati's e-commerce strategies with those of Harley-Davidson as they were in 2003. Where did the companies use similar strategies and where were the strategies different? What were the differences in the typical customers of Ducati versus Harley-Davidson and how did these differences impact the major decisions in their respective e-commerce strategies?

    How did these companies attempt to align their internal processes with their e-commerce strategies?

    What kinds of e-commerce strategies do believe might be appropriate in the present day in light of the evolution of e-commerce platforms?

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    //The e-commerce strategies have been used by both the companies, i.e. Ducati and Harley-Davidson. There are certain differences in the usage of their e-commerce strategies. In context to this, the differences between the e-commerce strategies of the two companies in the year 2003 are provided below. //

    In relation to the e-commerce strategies of Ducati, in the year 2003, the focus of the company was not on the business to business (B2B) activities. This was because of the reason that the company was paying attention to selling customized products with regard to the needs of the customers and, therefore, they were not generalized. At the same time, the company took the initiative of starting its own e-commerce platform for the purpose of selling side products. The e-commerce strategy of the company also focused on being a part of Motoclusters, and this helped in selling the parts such as lights, shackles, tires and spark plugs. The Motoclusters is referred to as an online platform being developed by Giuseppe Narducci, which was associated with Ducati in the earlier times. In addition to this, the company also believed in its limited connection with the advanced tools in order to support the Ducati's information technology system (Epstein, 2004).

    In contrast to the e-commerce strategy of Ducati, Harley-Davidson focused more on the connection of advanced tools in relation to information technology. The company used to pay more attention to the B2B activities in the year 2003. In addition ...

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