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Macro Forces - Harley Davidson

I have a case study to do for Harley Davidson and I need the Macro Forces for Harley Davidson which consist of:

1. Economic
2. Political/Legal/Regulatory
3. Social/Demographic
4. Technological
5. Environmental/Ecological

Please Help!

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Harley Davidson:

1. Economic
- The US economy is strengthening. The unemployment has declined to 8.1 percent. Employers are creating more jobs. The GDP real growth rate is 2.2%, and the economy is ready for an expansion phase. During the economic expansion, Harley Davidson will experience an increased demand. The policy of Federal Reserve is to keep interest rates low; this can encourage the purchase of Harley Davidson.

2. Political/Legal/Regulatory
- Harley Davidson faces the problem of uncontrolled imports on foreign heavy bikes. The reason is that barriers to entry into the US have been decreased. However, thanks to the impact of WTO and IMF, several new international markets have opened up for Harley Davidson bikes. The international ...

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