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Harley Davidson: SWOT

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Prepare a brief SWOT analysis of Harley Davidson related to competing in various country markets.

What does the SWOT analysis reveal about the overall situation?

What strategic issues and problems does Harley Davidson management need to address?

What are your recommendations to management?

List any references used.

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Prepare a brief SWOT analysis of Harley Davidson related to competing in various country markets.

The SWOT related to Harley Davidson competing in different countries is as follows. The strengths are that Harley Davidson is a strong action oriented international company. It has strong relationships with its suppliers, employees, and customers. Most important strength is its customer loyalty, reputation, the quality of the product, and positioning in different countries. It can innovate and has a strong brand equity. The weaknesses of Harley Davidson are that its financial position is over leveraged, there is little diversification, and a shrinking customer based. The noise pollution and emission standards of Harley Davidson are not ...

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