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McKinsey's 7S framework for Harley Davidson

I need help with McKinsey's 7s framework and Harley Davidson. I need to use bullet points and summaries in each category if possible.

- Structure
- Strategy
- Systems
- Style
- Staff
- Skills
- Shared Values

Thank you so much for your help.

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McKinsey's 7S framework for Harley Davidson

- The organizational structure of Harley Davidson includes a Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, General Manager - Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Senior Vice President - Manufacturing of Harley Davidson Motor Company, Vice President - Human Resources (Officialboard.com, 2012: 15 March). Please refer to the chart provided in the reference used here.
- Mr. Keith Wandell joined the company as CEO in 2009 and since then has been focusing on restructuring the operations of Harley-Davidson and consolidation of operations for greater competitiveness, efficiency and flexibility (Trefis et al., 2011: 16 December).
- The current organizational structure of the company is team-focused with each team leader followed by a supervisor (IMD, 2011: 30 June).

- Harley Davidson is now engaging consumers by involving them in designing its new advertising campaign through social media such as a Facebook application called Fan Machine in which the Harley Davidson's 3.3 million fans on facebook review the advertising brief, submit ideas and vote on submissions of other members of community and this has led to development of its new advertising campaign titled 'E Pluribus Unum' which means 'Out of many, one' (New York Times, 2012: 8 May).
- Harley Davidson is planning to focus on the production of those parts in the supply in which they have core competencies which include metal fabrication for motorcycle fuel tanks, fender and frames, paints, final assembly and power train production whereas other supplies are being outsourced (Reuters, 2011: 7 December). Therefore, the company is closing down its Australian subsidiary named New Castalloy which manufactures cast motorcycle wheels and wheel hubs (Reuters, 2011: 7 December).
- The strategy of the company has been on innovative promotions such as the one created by Harley Davidson named "Assemble Your Freedom contest" through a tie-up with Marvel Entertainment where the consumers can assemble their ...

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