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    Information Technology support sales and marketing processes

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    How can Information Technology support sales and marketing processes?

    Please provide insight as to what type of IT infrastructure or software apps would be best for a designer and manufacturer of dirt bikes who sells to distributors globally. (sales management, customer relations, etc.) There are no retail sales expect for parts. Please provide any real examples of companies that have benefited from or lack thereof.

    For most companies especially ones which sell a product or service the sales and marketing units are critical forces behind the success or failure of the business. My goal for this research paper is to examine how the role of IS supports and influences these business units, and how it enables companies to succeed or flounder how and why.

    I would also like to touch briefly on the past and present of how certain companies developed their infrastructures to better synchronize the business units with investments and good planning on infrastructure. I plan on referencing specific case studies to strengthen my research. Finally going forward, what new IS infrastructure if any is being developed or improved for the sales and marketing units to utilize in this ever competitive global consumer market.

    I will consider adding a section on customer privacy. Also, how do laws like Sarbanes-Oxley impact a corporate IT department?

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    In today's economy a company has to be able to get the product out fast. As an IT Director for this company I would set up an extranet for my end purchasers, so that they are able to see what inventory is on hand, place an order and sees the expected delivery date of the product. As the IT Director I would work hand in hand with supply and sales to have in place a JIT (just in time) inventory system. If I had an outside sales force I would integrate wireless into my network. As the sales team places orders for the customers they will have the ability to check inventory, order the parts and send billing to the billing department from the field. This reduces the amount of loss paper work and ordering parts that might not be on hand and increases customer satisfaction. Harley Davidson has a great story of how they incorporated data into their network. I have attached the article.

    I got this information from Google searching Harley Davidson and AT&T. This was a great networking deal and really set the standard for how customers can change how they operate.

    About Us Media Newsroom Social Media Investor Relations About Us Site Map Harley-Davidson Revs Up Just-In-Time Manufacturing Performance With Sterling Commerce Web Forms And Bar Code Technology

    Revolutionary system assists 100-year-old motorcycle manufacturer with parts supplier integration program

    San Antonio, Texas, December 8, 2003

    Sterling Commerce announced today that use of a hybrid application employing Sterling Web Forms and bar code technology is helping Harley-Davidson - the maker of a century's worth of world-famous street, custom and touring motorcycles - in its just-in-time parts supply and manufacturing performance.

    Harley-Davidson chose Sterling Web Forms to reach its non-EDI parts suppliers ...

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