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Discussing Analytical and Integrative Tools

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Scenario: You enter your meeting with Mike and Tiffany to hear them discussing the tools that they have found to conduct an analysis of the industry and competitors. "Mike, there are so many more tools than I even realized to give us some good data," Tiffany states.

"I know," Mike says. "That's why I wanted to take some time to look at our options and figure out what information we really need to support the board's decision."

Mike and Tiffany both found some great tools from their research on the subject. Complete the following:
- Do you believe the tools that you selected will work best for a global strategy? Why or why not?
- What evidence do you have to support your decision?
- How would you refute the people who chose an additional tool rather than one of the tools that you selected?
- Based on the tools that you selected, provide a brief analysis of your market, using those tools.

Select and test analytical and integrative tools to perform in-depth analyses of industries, firms, and competitors in both domestic and global markets.

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The following posting helps discuss analytical and integrative tools.

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The business objective to using a variety of research tools provides for a proactive platform that supports the statistical analysis output. Let's take a look at the global strategy for using research statistical tools that reinforces the company's mission and goals:

Do you believe the tools that you selected will work best for a global strategy? Why or why not? What evidence do you have to support your decision?

In designing the capturing, data provides an opportunity to deciphering the information in a way that senior managers are able to making future decisions. With a good example for using a type of statistical research tool, especially, selected survey data collection such as, the Stat-General designed for managing significant data analysis, you can illustrate the importance of this tool. The manager is in a position for utilizing internal and external data based on acquired data collection either from a survey or designed application and transferring into a Stat-General Software tool. By doing so, the manager is in a position for monitoring the global strategy that reinforces the planned initiatives for a long-term commitment for brand awareness.

Try and think of why the usage of a software tool, such as Stat-General is due towards a statistics platform designed for high productivity and ease (StatGeneral.com 2013). The research tool and data display for the ...

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