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    Toyota - Strategic Process Identification

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    Identify and describe several processes within Toyota that will benefit from improvement using the attached Toyota case study, Toyota: The Accelerator Crisis (2010) by Greto, Schotter, and Teagarden.

    Describe each process in terms of the following:
    - Importance to Toyota.
    - Scope: breadth of its reach.
    - Parties Involved: customers as well as internal and external suppliers.
    - Priority: the timeliness or urgency.
    - Overall impact or benefits of improvement to Toyota.
    - Costs to Toyota if the process is not improved.
    - In addition to the above:
    Include a short summary (in APA format) about Toyota. Your description should be as thorough as possible.

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    Toyota Motor Corporation is of the successful foreign automotive company that was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda, and as a spin-off of his father's company Toyota Industries. Over time, the Toyota brand increased to one of the largest manufacturers in the world by rolling out many varieties of models.

    Let's take a look at the case study to fully understand the Toyota current status within the global marketplace:
    -Importance to Toyota:
    In the recent automobile recalls, the Toyota Motor Corporation main focus is a refocusing on the core imperative aspects of the brand that made their operations so successful, such as, safety, quality, and volume. Thus, in focusing on processes related to the assembly line, suppliers/vendors for manufacturing parts, and subsidiaries in global markets for following the Toyota Production System model (Case Study 2010). By establishing the framework of importance, Toyota demonstrates the areas of weakness needing improvement for increasing the brand identity within the targeted marketplace. In the beginning of Toyota Motor Corporation, the three main areas of safety, quality and volume provided the global success to earning customer loyalty and expectation as a dependable brand (Case Study 2010).

    Traditionally, the Toyota's priority entails extensive customer research as well as feedback to the types of preferred beneficial aspects in the product. By doing so, the Toyota's brand quickly identified the customer's preferences towards proactive solutions for building an exceptional automobile. In pursuit for furthering the brand to more overseas markets, the core goal was to increasing the brand identity as well as the brand equity.

    Try and think towards defining the brand message as still the automobile manufacturer built on quality and safety, the Toyota Way key principle got lost in the shuffle as divisions moved to vendors that did not uphold the standards. Thus, the last recalls presented a challenging element from Toyota's senior management team in refocusing on core important initiatives that positively define the brand by making necessary changes.

    -Scope: breadth of its reach:
    In the pursuit for expanding the brand identity, Toyota utilized the expansion within the United States and other global markets. The processes mostly requiring an overhaul to the fundamental basis of Toyota's philosophy of success; Toyota Production System (TPS) relates to processes related to the assembly line, suppliers/vendors for manufacturing parts, and subsidiaries in global markets. Within the TPS the two concepts indicate the prevention of defective products from being produced and each process only producing ...

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    The review in how strategic process identification is imperative for Toyota business model in reaching success in quality measures. The business model strategic measures for improving the overall concept for organizational proficiency through behavior output.