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    Human Resource Planning and Administration

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    I need help preparing this. All help is appreciated.

    Compare two or more articles on a similar or the same subject related to Human Resources Strategic Planning. Prepare a response (5 pages long in an APA format) comparing the articles. The format should include a brief summary of the main theme of each article. The following questions can be used as guidelines for what to cover.

    - How do the articles relate to the HR Planning & Administration, specifically to the course learning objectives? It can address any phase of HR P&A, e.g. staffing, recruiting, benefits, etc.
    - What did you learn from the articles? What in the articles is especially valuable to our study of HR Planning and Administration?
    - What are the articles' strengths? Compare and contrast the viewpoints of the two authors (some people may choose more than two articles) especially if there are conflicts or opposing points of view.
    - What are the weaknesses?
    - How would you apply the authors' concepts, ideas and recommended processes at your workplace? Or, how are they already applied at your workplace?
    - Did the author or authors represent some vested interest or have some axe to grind that might bend his/her/their perspective?
    - Can you recommend these articles to serious students of HR, or specific areas of HR concentration such as strategic planning, staffing, organizational development, etc?
    - What level would benefit ---- CEO's, human resources managers, business leaders, management consultants, personnel administrators, etc.?

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1906 words with references.

    // In the below response, a detailed analysis of two journal articles will be done, one is written by Hassan Moradi, and another is written by Wan-Jing April Chang & Tung Chun Huang. The below section will focus on different aspects of Human Resources Planning and Administration with the help of the below articles. The first article focuses on The Role of Strategic Planning and Management in Increasing Organizational Development and Productivity and the second article focuses on the relationship between strategic Human Resource Management and performance.//

    The role of strategic planning and management in increasing organizational development and productivity is written by Moradi Hassan, and the Relationship between strategic Human Resource Management, and performance is written by Wan-Jing April Chang and Tung Chun Huang.

    According to the views of Moradi, the organization undertakes the strategic planning for the common interest and welfare of employees. The strategic planning includes the mission, vision, operations, and values of the organization to give an edge over competitors. It brings an increase in productivity and development of the individual and the organization. It includes the process of planning, implementation and evaluation of the organization effectiveness. The human resource department strives to take help of strategic planning and management to improve the individual employee's productivity. Employees and managers can play the role of leaders if they know about the weakness, opportunity, threats, and strengths. This will help the organization to sustain in a competitive environment (Moradi, 2012).

    As per the view of Chang & Huang, the interaction between human resource planning and strategic planning helps to achieve objectives and goals in terms of competition, meeting the customer demand at the time, improving the knowledge of employees and reducing the cost of production to achieve the long term goals and objectives. The human resource practices take support of strategic planning to bring the improvement in the performance of employees. The systematic strategic planning helps the human resource department recruit the people at the right time and right place as per the requirement of the job profile. The planned HR deployment activities and procedures led to the accomplishment of goals. The human resource practice depends on both internal and external environment, which always require the support of strategic planning management (Chang & Huang, 2005).

    //The below section will cover learning from the selected articles. This section will discuss various aspects of articles, which are valuable for the study of HR planning and administration//.

    The Moradi article will help learners about how the internal and external environment supports the organization to attain the goals of human resource practices. The systematic strategic planning helps managers to implement the strategy effectively for the welfare of employees, as well as for the entire organization. The successful execution of strategic planning, when integrated with human resource practice tend to allocate the material, resources like finance, human ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1906 words with references.