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    HRIS Software Program Recommendation

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    In an essay style answer can you please tell me :
    You have just been asked by your supervisor to prepare a recommendation on a new Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software program, such as People Soft that your department should implement in the next fiscal year. (However, there are several other excellent programs that you can research that address a broad range of HR issues from recruiting to payroll.) Discuss the program's main attributes and how it interfaces with human resource information systems and strategic human resources planning as a whole.

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    Your department should implement People Soft. The main attributes of the People Soft program are that it has separate modules for each essential HRIS requirement. It has a module for recruitment, a module for training, a module for performance management, one for job description management, one for payroll administration, and one for the personnel files of employees. Yet the system is fully integrated.

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    People Soft creates a human resourced database that supports most business processes. A ...

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