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You are an HR Consultant who was hired to provide some recommendations to an office on how to automate their HR functions. There are several issues facing this HR office for which you will provide technology recommendations. Based on the scenario provided in this assignment titled "Business Background," you will be providing some recommendations.

Assignment Criteria

You have been given some background for your customer. From this information, you will provide the following recommendation to you client.

1. Analysis: After reviewing the scenario below, how might you analyze the current situation and how would you share your analysis with this customer? Validate this analysis with theory (be sure to cite that is not your own thoughts or words) and practical application reasoning (critical thinking).
2. Recommendation: What technology solution(s) would you make for the current issues facing this HR office? What are some further advantages to technology and HR automation that you would recommend to this business and substantiate? What recommendations, through technology, would you give to this HR office to help them become more proactive business partners? Validate with theory, be sure to cite.

Business Background

The business is a manufacturing warehouse HR office providing products to a customer base of approximately 300 companies. Products include materials for construction contractors. There are approximately 1,200 employees in several offices around the state ranging from office workers, to warehouse crews, to supervisors, to managers. The main office is in a more rural area and has no HRIS system currently in use. They have been benchmarking against other HR offices and found that there are a variety of technologies that might help them manage the employee staff. The HR office currently has 13 HR staff: 1 director, 1 assistant director, 1 secretary, 2 receptionists, 3 specialists (benefits, compensation, recruitment), 3 recruiters/analysts, 1 labor relations officer, and 1 ADA compliance officer.

Right now, a big issue facing the business is growth at a rate of approximately 12% annually. This results in adding additional staff to handle this product increase. This typically is a lot of paperwork in hiring pushes for this HR office, which creates a lot of delays in processing new hires because of the manual processes. HR is typically reactive to internal customer requests vs. proactive, sometimes having teams wait 6 months to fill a vacant position. Many candidate applications are "lost" and the volume of people applying sometimes for the entry positions creates office coverage issues. Recruiters barely have time to look for these "lost" applications and review hundreds of others. Testing is required for all candidates (written). Again, these are manual processes. Sometimes people are offered jobs they didn't even apply for.

There is an automated accounting program that pays employees, which is managed by the financial department. HR enters new employees into this accounting database, through an HR Access database, into an excel report, and into the payroll system. The benefits are done only at the orientation meetings every two weeks. When employees/new hires have questions, it can take up to a week for the Benefits Specialist to respond due to all the questions, changes, and new hires.

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This business analysis is over a manufacturing warehouse HR function that serves approximately 1200 employees located in several state-wide offices. The employee job base includes office staff, warehouse crews, supervisors and managers and is completely managed from a single location that is currently functioning without any HRIS technology. However, the business is currently evaluating the option available to them in this market.

The business is experiencing a phenomenal growth rate of 12% annually which forces the requirement of added personnel, recruiting processes, benefits management, current regional salary/pay scale evaluations, etc...The current system is less than optimal due to its lack of automated processes, paperless technology and filing systems which create multiple problems for existing and potential staff. Issues ranging from inaccurate pay receipts to lost applications have resulting in excessive wasted effort and man-hours resulting in decreased sectional productivity. This lack of an HRIS results in keeping the Human Resources Department as a reactive function of the business instead of the proactive function it needs to be. It can take up to 6 months from the time a manager requests a job vacancy be filled to the time the position is filled. Recruiters are inundated with so much paperwork for singular tasks that there is hardly time for them to seek out the "lost" applications for review and position fulfillment. ...

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