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Provide a detailed description of the HRIS application

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Provide a detailed description of the HRIS application(s) chosen for the business. What type of HRIS might create a more efficient process for the HR function chosen? This is not a copy/paste of information from a vendor website, but an analysis and business plan to share with your customer. As the owner of your own HR consulting firm, write a 2-4 page paper that includes the following paper headings, which are denoted in all caps.

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//The proper implication of the human resource management related practices is quite important for different business organizations. In this context, different HR needs and requirements are assessed in the reference of Castle's family Restaurant. The section is aimed to provide a brief description of the business organization and needs of HRIS//

Business assessment:

The paper presents the findings in the special reference of the Castle's family Restaurant. The restaurant is a wide spread restaurant chain in the area of northern California. In the area, there are about 8 restaurants operating within the hotel chain. In such restaurants, about 300-350 employees are employed who are committed to provide excellent services to the customers.

As the hotel conceives such a large human resource, the management of the hotel is required to manage its human resource in the most effective manner. As the company's branches are situated at different locations, the management of the restaurant requires making the HR management of the organization quite integrated. This need of integration of different management functions is the most crucial and intensive requirement of existing hotel industry, which has become quite comprehensive and well spread. The integration of the HR function supports the theory of centralized management, which is quite common among geographically diversified business organizations, like Castle's family Restaurant (Andrews, 2009).

Identification of the problem:

As per the case's suggestion, the restaurant is having a large and well diversified workforce dispersed in different business locations of the organization. In this aspect, there are some critical issues and problems faced by the management of the hotel. The first and foremost problem is related with the proper management of a large workforce employed within the hotel. For the purpose of proper management of the workforce, among which about 40% of employees are full timers, the HR manager of the company, MR. Jay Morgan needs to make visits to each of its business locations across the country. During the visits, he has to undertake a number of different HR related functions.

The handling of different HR functions including scheduling, recruiting, hiring and handing of different queries of employees is proved as a complex task for the HR manager. Along with this, the manager of the organization uses excel worksheet programs for managing payrolls of the organization, which is a complex task in the context of large size of work force. In this way, the lack of efficiency is the problem, with which the organization is confronting.

Along with this, weekly visits of the manager to different business locations also lead to the overall operational costs of the organization. As the prices of gasoline are increasing rapidly, the weekly visit of the manager to different restaurants of the organization has started to become expensive for the organization. In addition to this, in this process of manual visits of the HR manager, a significant amount of valuable time is employed, which can also be considered as a prominent problem in front of the business organization.

// As per the requirement, this section of the paper will be ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2014 words with references.