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    Human Resources Information System: Example Problem

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    Identify the applications of information provided by a human resources information system.

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    Identify the Applications of Information Provided by a Human Resources Information System

    Change is inevitable evident by the exponential growth in information technology over the past two decades. The constant changes in technology impacts the way organizations conduct business operations in both the internal and external environments. Within the internal environment of an organization, the application of information provided by a Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) is critical to human resources management. Since General Electric popularized HRIS in the 1950's, it has transformed from manual information recording maintenance systems to today's high tech computerized systems. According to Byars and Rue (2004), the need to improve efficiency and organizational performance led to organizations adopting computerized feature-rich, broad-based, self-contained HRIS.

    Several organizations regardless of industry sector or size understand the importance of leveraging HRIS to improve human resource management. With the globalization of the world's economies, many organizations conduct ...

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    This solution identifies the applications of information provided by a human resources information system.