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U.S. Department of Interior's Human Capital Management

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Using the U.S. Department of Interior's Human Capital Management Mission, identify
and explain two challenges and their resolutions that are noted as critical leverage for achieving their strategic goals.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 395 words.

// In this paper, we will identify two challenges related to U.S. Department of Interior's Human Capital Management Mission. Further, we will provide solutions to these challenges. Problem identification is a crucial task for any process. The appropriate identification will reach to proper solution. Both the steps are discussed in detailed.//

The U.S Department of Interior or the DOI is an organization whose commitment is to plan the future workforce needs effectively and to ensure its human capital management's accountability. The Department of Interior's, leadership measures human capital goals and objectives, and establishes budgets, to modify initiatives based on the results (Human Capital Accountability System).

A major human ...

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