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Human Capital Management

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Senior leadership at Organization X does not understand how or why they should change the organization to effectively improve their human capital. They are also unfamiliar with current human capital problems on the global scale. As the external consultant, it is your responsibility to educate these leaders. This must be done in a manner that does not initially overwhelm the leaders. You must gain their buy-in to the need for developing strong global human capital management competencies. To do this, you will prepare a research paper that focuses upon 1 major global human capital management problem. The problem statement that you will develop should be relevant to ensure future improvements at Organization X. The problem should be explained in substantial detail, be supported by scholarly references, and include the major challenges that face this global problem.

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Problem Statement
A global human capital management challenge many organizations face is training and
development. Often recruiting efforts in human resource departments focus on trying to match the
person with the ideal credentials with the positions to be filled. Organizations can reasonably expect
to hire candidates with the right knowledge and training to fulfill specific roles. However, some
positions require ongoing knowledge acquisition for the organization to remain competitive.
Some industries or jobs are so highly specialized that an organization may not be able to
reasonably expect candidates to possess all the skills and knowledge required to perform expected
roles, even with the right training, education, and knowledge. In addition, rapidly changing global work
environments demand that employees must continually update their knowledge, learn new tasks, and
generally continue to develop their skills. Organization X must consider the additional knowledge and
skills its workers may need ...

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The expert explains the substantial detail of scholarly reference organizations to ensure future improvements.

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