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Global Human Capital Trends

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1.How do global human capital goals differ from global organizational goals?
2.How can global human capital goals be strategically aligned with the global organizational goals?

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The year 2014 is the turning point at which the global recession has ended and there is an awakening to a new world. However, the companies realize that they have to deal with the changes and recent trends of the new workforce.
Today's workforce is considered global since most employees are working outside of their country. For this reason, human capital management tools such as compensation planning, performance reviews, learning tools, need to be integrated so that financial success can be achieved. If the human capital processes are standardized, companies profit more.
Another factor is the demographics. The various generations in the workforce bring new tools to the workplace which needs to be developed and embraced instead of being avoided. Human capital tools such as mobile tools, social media, social integrations, and clear communication of the ...

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