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Best Human Capital Management Practice Analysis: Automobile Industry

Obtain a list of best practices for talent acquisition and the top five best human capital management practices within the automobile industry.

Compare the top five best practices and prioritize them according to importance in the automobile industry.
Evaluate the overall top ranked management practices relative to your selected talent acquisition best practices.
Provide justification for your rankings.

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The best practices for talent acquisition take a varied approach to recruiting new employees. (1.) Predictive labor needs system. An organization can use algorithms to analyze historical labor data and corresponding planned capital projects. The algorithms will allow the company to determine future company needs out to three years into the future. (2.) Automated sourcing. The labor requirements within the company are automatically communicated to internal and external sources based on the source's efficiency such as cost and time and effectiveness of the quality of the hire and reliability. (3.) Candidate mining. The company should not spend time and energy reviewing job boards and posting recruitment advertisements. The deployment of web spiders, which are programmed to crawl, retrieve and upload candidates into the tracking system based on current and projected needs. Job advertisements are automatically placed as part of the automated sourcing process. (4.) Multi-dimensional performance monitoring. The system will rely on the following the metrics of the four defined levels to determine performance and the effectiveness of the system. The levels are forecast, macro level such as: sourcing, channel effectiveness, costs, etc., micro-level such as: efficiency, cost, speed, quality of recruit, retention, customer service and dependability per transaction and human capital metrics, which will provide the impacts on staffing best practices based on the financial impact. (5.) ...

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The following posting helps evaluate the overall top ranked management practices relative to selected talent acquisition best practices. Justification for the ranking is also provided.