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Market Forces and Unionization

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In an essay, describe your chose industry's receptivity to unionization. What are the factors that lead you to your determinations? Perform a labor market analysis to support your conclusions. In your analysis, be sure to include any data you can find on the labor and capital tradeoff for your industry. Also include:

Regulation and its impact on your workforce.
An analysis of market conditions and the degree of competition your industry faces.
Answer: how does the consumer impact your decision? Reference the data you have researched to support your conclusions.

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Unionization in Automobile Industry

Union indicates toward a group that is altogether to fulfill common aims and goals (Smith, 2001). In present scenario, unionization in automobile industry is very common and burning topic. The factors that influence unionization are labor, wages and manufacturing or production department. An automobile company needs shop-floor workers for production. The labors unions are made to confine employees' rights in firms (Bridegam, 2009). So, it is clear that an automobile industry is an appropriate choice to show openness of unionization to people. Automobile industry in US is successful rather than other industries. Its success depends on capital and labor trade off. GDP growth of US in 2002 is 1.1 and its employment rate is 0.8% that shows capital-labor trade off. At the same time, its productivity is become 100% because of labor and capital trade off (McKinsey& Company).
Regulations and Impact on Workers
Labors works in the organizations to achieve a common goal as a union. The regulation of minimum wages refers to the right of labor to get wages according to the work. This rule comes first in unionization that an automobile company should give appropriate wages to ...

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