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    Business Ethics in Wal-Mart

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    1) Are the ethical issues Wal-Mart faces really any different from other larger retailers?

    2) Wal- Mart officials have stated that they dont feel women are interested in mamgement positions at the company. Do you agree or disagree?

    3) Wal-Mart is continually criticized for its health-care policy. Is this really an ethical issue? Why or why not?

    4) Should Wal-Mart be concerned about unionization of stores since allowing unionization of workers in China?

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    1) Wal-Mart has been criticized by the center for Community and Corporate Ethics. They believe Wal-Mart's low prices are hiding other costs. Wal-Mart receives federal subsidies of over $1.5 billion annually in tax breaks. Their pay structure forces many employees to rely on medicaid, food stamps, and public housing. Wal-Mart also drives down wages for employees at other retailers. Also ethical issues in their ...

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    The expert determines ethical issues Wal-Mart faces really any different from other larger retailers. The health-care policy criticized by Wal-Mart is examined.